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Picking the best shirt for screen printing

Every business and occasion at some time needs t-shirts or apparel to wear. There are so many options and so many choices, we decided to write the definitive guide on how to choose the right gear and shirts for screen printing. We order many of our shirts from a national distributor. Alphabroder Many customers, pick a shirt, and send us the product number to quote on. Others come into our shop, as we have a large selection to choose from. Let’s help get the best shirt for screen printing.

What is the purpose?

Presentation Shirts

There are many reasons to pick outer wear. The top ones are usually branding, gear for the team to wear on site, team or organization. We are going to help with best shirt for screen printing in Raleigh.

Presentation: This is branded wear used for meetings, networking, occasions where you are in sales mode.
The top choice here is usually the polo shirt. These are always hard to pick as comfort is key. The first choice is wicking (reduce sweat) a blend or 100% cotton, then the choices are a lot about color, banded sleeves or non banded sleeves. In the winter months, the quarter zip pull over is very popular.

Wicking shirt100% cotton pololong sleeve dress shirtquarter zip for screen printing
8210 UltraClub Mens
Cool and Dry Mesh Pique Polo
Non banded sleeves
G380 Gildan Ultra Cotton
Adult Pique Polo
Banded Sleeves
D640 Devon and Jones
Gingam Check
1310071 Under
Armour Men’s Quarter Zip
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These are just a few styles to show you some differences. Most like to decorate with embroidery (which we do), however if it is one color, screen printing can turn out really well on the polo and Quarter Zip.

The next group is either branded shirts for more casual or work wear, and shirts for groups or organizations. This is usually the classic t-shirt. T-shirts have many different feels, rough, smooth, heavy and light weight. Often a customer tells us. “Hey, we really like this shirt, (insert brand name), can you get that?” Hopefully we can, and we are off and running. These t-shirts, can be all cotton, wicking or a blend. Comfort Colors is added as it is a favorite among college kids.

Shirts for Teams, Employees, and groups

Gildan G500 for screenprintingScreenprint wicking shirtTri blend t-shirt screen printingComfort Colors for Screen printing
Gildan G500
Most Popular
All Cotton
TT11H Team 365 Men’s
Sonic Performance
3001CVC Bella + Canva
Blended Shirt
C1717 Comfort Colors
Adult Heavyweight
So Comfortable
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Other Great Options

There are many other options available that make great sense when choosing a shirt. Tank Tops, Long Sleeve T-shirts, Sweatshirts and Hoodies come to mind. These are great for team, staff for different seasons. Tank top for the summer crew, long sleeve shirt in the early spring and fall, and then hoodies and sweatshirts. Keep your team outfitted all year long.

Tanktop for screen printingLong sleeve t-shirt screenprintingscreenprint sweat shirtscreenprint Hoodie Raleigh
G520 Adult Heavy
Cotton Tank
3501 Bella + Canva
Long Sleeve
G180 Adult Heavy
Blend 50/50 fleece
P170 Hanes
50/50 Hoodie
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Hopefully this gives you some ideas and suggestions on great shirts for either screen printing or embroidery work. You can outfit your team, company, group, organization, church, etc with great style.

When it comes to pricing, we do have a few suggestions. The more colors you use in more locations, the higher the price is. Each color/location is a separate screen charge. Learn more about screen printing. We also recommend printing t-shirts, sweat shirts, hoodies and long sleeve at the same time. This will cut down on screen charge fees.

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